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On Wednesday 29th Feb, the Centre for Creative Collaboration housed an event in association with shiftLabs (where I work – www.shiftlabs.org) and Young Professionals in Human Rights (where I organise social events – www.yphr.org.uk) on digital campaigning and Move Your Money UK.

shiftLabs’ Karina Brisby and Jason Wojciechowski discussed how individuals can use digital tools to promote and share causes that they are passionate about, the power of media and the 5 shifts in campaigning that are the fundamental focus of shiftLabs. Discussion ensued about the ethics of international campaigning and the impact of lobbying for change in cultures and behavior.

Next, we had Danni Paffard, from the Move Your Money UK campaign talking passionately about the goals and ambitions of MYM and the wider movement. So, why we should we all move our money?

  • The banks have failed us and are refusing to change. So now its up to us to make a positive decision about where to put our money.
  • By moving our money we can directly support an ethical and socially useful bank, and send a message about the sort of society and economy we want to see. And one we’d rather not.
  • Movements and campaigns like Occupy LSX, Move Your Money, the Robin Hood Tax, UK Uncut etc show that public anger with the banks is at an all time high – it’s time to act on this and steer our leaders in the direction we want them to take.
  • The campaign follows a highly successful movement in the US which has led to over 10 million people moving their money into local financial institutions. Over 40,000 people moved their accounts in a single day. Wow.

Visit www.moveyourmoney.org.uk for more info and answers to all your money moving questions.

The best feature of the MYM website is the section where money movers tell us their reasons why – here are a few recent ones:

“To leave my money in a bank when I know what they do would be unethical’

“To use banks & building societies that are more ethical”

“The banking system should be run like a utility, not a rigged casino for a small elite”

and a classic: “Bankers are evil.” Nice.

MYM is an interesting campaign from another angle – it’s a good combination of online and offline action. The main bulk of campaigning, story sharing and general ‘talk’ happens via social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and blogs, whereas the action itself provides great opportunity for a group of friends to all pledge to move their money on the same day and head down to their banks during a lunch-break, for example. We shouldn’t be shy to tell our banks why we’re moving as well; if 10 people do this everyday, they are going to sit up and take notice.

On a slight tangent, shiftLabs are in conversation with the Poverty Action Lab, mentioned by Jason at this event, (http://www.povertyactionlab.org/), which is run by the same people who wrote the phenomenal book ‘Poor Economics’ – Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo. This book is an absolute essential read for anyone working on or who cares about issues surrounding poverty, inequality or growth, and has completely revolutionized the way I think about development.

Buy it / download it / borrow it today.